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Refreshing Your Curb Appeal for Spring

Edie Israel

After years of executive sales and marketing experience as well as entrepreneurial success, Edie entered into the real estate market of Southern Calif...

After years of executive sales and marketing experience as well as entrepreneurial success, Edie entered into the real estate market of Southern Calif...

Oct 24 4 minutes read

If you're planning to sell your house this spring, it is time to start thinking about curb appeal. Listing your house could be weeks or months away, but it is never too early to start planning. Just as you begin the process of decluttering, staging, and interior repairs well before your house hits the market, having a clear plan for increasing your curb appeal will give you a boost when your property is listed. Here are some essential curb appeal tips to think about for an upcoming spring listing.

Dress up your entryway

Take a look at your front door and exterior entryway. Your home's entryway is essentially the gateway into your property. Several tricks can help it look its best. One is evaluating whether a fresh coat of paint or replacing old hardware would bring new life to the area. Could subtle, tasteful decorations help make it look for inviting or elegant? Finally, could adding plants or lighting help create a sense of symmetry in the area? Each of these touches are easy and inexpensive, yet can make a big difference in how your home is perceived.

Consider exterior lighting

Does your home have exterior lighting? If so, are the features stylish and interesting? If not, replacing a lighting fixture is a minimal investment that can help capture people's attention. Another touch is to look for landscape lighting, such as low voltage solar lights to accent a tree or garden or line a walkway. Not only does it increase the visual appeal, but it adds a sense of safety and security to the property as well.

Gardening and landscaping

Many home sellers already understand the importance of a healthy lawn. Ensure that you have pruned weeds, properly watered your lawn, and set up a regular yard maintenance schedule. Another factor to consider is strategically adding flowers, green plants, and even shrubs and trees. Simple, lush touches can make your home look more beautiful and increase the sense of value buyers attribute to the property. These looks can be achieved with ground plantings, container gardens, or even window boxes. Pay special attention to existing garden beds that may be currently lying fallow and need to be refreshed. Adding simple, green easy-to-care-for plants is a great way to reinvigorate your lawn.

Think about mailboxes and trash containers

Mailboxes and trash containers are a standard part of life. But often, when owners are thinking of ways to make their house look better, these simple touches escape notice. Visible trash cans that are old can detract from your house. Find a way to store them in an out of the way place, such as a garage or a shed. Determine whether it is time for a new mailbox, or whether a simple touch such as new house numbers or a decorative flag could add visual interest.

Are you a homeowner in Yorba Linda who is thinking about listing your property on the market? Contact us today to arrange for a personalized consultation, and learn more about how specific strategies – including upgrading your curb appeal – can help you successfully sell your home.

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