Thinking about downsizing your lifestyle? Is it time to travel and not do the grass? Are all the kids now adults and living around the country? Don't know why you have 2000 square feet you never use or need? Can't imagine how you would deal with all your "stuff"? Well, how about a meeting to discuss the possibilities and the best way to accomplish that downsized living arrangement. We will even give you a starter packet of boxes, packing materials and tape just for sitting down and having the discussion!

We make the process manageable and with less stress than you think!

  • Need a painter?
  • How about a carpet bid?
  • A junk hauler?
  • Or, Someone who will assess the value of those things you don't need and the removal of trash from the property?
  • Want to know what repairs should be made?
  • Maybe just an answer for the kids who are asking you to move closer to them.

We can be a sounding board, a service provider, a listening ear, a trusted advisor, and the Best Realtor you have ever had! Call Edie (714) 623-3543 to schedule your appointment today!"